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Hello, we are FiftyThree.

We make stuff. Beautiful, practical, meaningful stuff.
We make what we love.
We love what we do.


We believe people are at their best when they create, and that technology should serve the human need to create.

We founded FiftyThree to make tools that you want to keep within arm's reach — the 53 centimeters that magically link head, heart, and hand. Tools as simple as pencil and paper. Tools so essential, we really can't imagine working without them.


We launched with Paper, the simplest and most beautiful way to capture an idea on iPad and iPhone. Paper is where ideas begin and defined how people create sketches, diagrams, notes, and drawings with touch. It won the Apple Design Award, Crunchies Award, AIGA Award, IxDA Award, and Apple's App of the Year. Millions of creators around the world have created hundred of millions ideas with Paper.

Our digital stylus Pencil got people thinking with both hands and pioneered simultaneous pen and touch interaction on mobile. I won mutliple IDSA awards and became the most expressive and accessible digital stylus. It's buttonless design, tip to write, side to shade, and eraser on the back became the model for digital styli.

Our latest product Paste brings a team's ideas together. It's defining a new class of productivity tool designed for messaging, and is the fastest ways for teams to gather, organize, and review their ideas. Paste brings visual collaboration to Slack.

Creativity is an ever growing resource accessible to all. Our ambition is no less than to change the very way people create. Technology will come and go. The human need to create will stay for ever.


Great products begin with great people. This is who we strive to be:

  • Well-rounded. We develop products at the intersection of art and science. It's great to have depth, but breadth is essential.

  • Collaborative. Harmonious products reflect the teams that build them. The ability to work across disciplines and make others better is a must.

  • Makers. We place a high value on the quality of our products and the process of making them. The joy of making is its own reward. We consistently set a higher bar.

  • Respectful. Creativity flourishes in open, accepting environments. Respect and kindness towards members of the team and our customers is an absolute requirement.

  • Experimental. We don't shy away from risks and experimentation. We embrace new thinking and technologies and always consider multiple ways of solving problems.

The Details

FiftyThree is located in the TriBeCa neighborhood of New York City. Our team encompasses design, engineering, business development, community management, and more.

We’re currently seeking candidates in NYC for the following positions: